CLG Scotland Publications

CLG Scotland Publications

 Doing Business in Scotland and the remainder of UK - please click here to read

The following publications have been produced by Anderson Strathern, Solicitors, and relate to Scotland:

 Buying Commercial Real Estate as an Investment - click here to read

 Buying Real Estate in Scotland - click here to read

 Being a Tenant of Commercial Premises in Scotland - click here to read

 Windfarms and Carbon Reduction - click here to read

  -  UK Tax Guide 2018-19 - please click here to read


Published Book on Commercial Leases:

"Commercial Leases in Scotland: A Practitioner's Guide"

by Ken Gerber, of Anderson Strathern LLP. This is a user-friendly guide to Scottish law of leases of commercial property, written for lawyers, surveyors, property managers and investors, with information on corresponding provisions of English law.

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