Jan 2016 - 

EU - Copyright

The European Commission has issued the long awaited communication on copyright, "Making EU copyright rules fit for the digital age". This sets out the Commission's vision for the modernisation of EU copyright rules. The Commission's main aim is to widen access to ... Read more
Jan 2016 - 

EU - Digital Single Market: bringing down barriers to online access to goods and digital content in the EU

On 9 December 2015 the European Commission submitted a package of proposals and announcements on the Digital Single Market (DSM). The basic purpose of these proposals is to simplify and promote access to digital content and online sales across the EU. The challeng ... Read more
Jan 2016 - 

Germany - 2,000 UBS clients being investigated by German prosecutors

Prosecutors in Germany who are investigating tax fraud by clients of the Swiss bank UBS have launched around 2,000 proceedings, German paper WAZ quoted a state prosecutor as saying. UBS and several other Swiss banks are being targeted in investigations into person ... Read more
Oct 2015 - 

Rights for mobile workers: time spent travelling to appointments may be "working time"

The ECJ decision in Federacion de Servicios Privados del sindicato Comisiones Obreras v Tyco Integrated Security SL and another (c-266/14) held that where employees do not have a fixed or habitual place of work, but have to travel to and from appointments arranged ... Read more
Oct 2015 - 

Cyprus - Intellectual Property Tax Regime

Major developments are currently in progress with regards to Intellectual Property (IP) tax regimes driven by OECD initiatives. These initiatives will have great impact on IP companies wishing to benefit from such beneficial tax regimes. Special transitional rule ... Read more
Oct 2015 - 

Euribor Rate-rigging report delayed

The European Commission has come under pressure from lawyers to release further details of a €1.8 billion fine paid by eight major banks over the Euribor rate-rigging scandal two years ago. The Commission has failed to publish a promised report on the fi ... Read more
Jul 2015 - 

Canada gives Google a headache

Canada Gives Google a World Wide Headache - Vancouver court rules against Google- worldwide implications- Corporate Counsel More details: For more information: please contac ... Read more
Jul 2015 - 

Deutschland - July 2015 - Generelle Untersagung der Rebhuhnjagd im Landkreis Mayen-Koblenz unzulässig

Verwaltungsrecht / Jagdrecht [03.07.2015] Generelle Untersagung der Rebhuhnjagd im Landkreis Mayen-Koblenz unzulässig Das Verwaltungsgericht Koblenz hat entschieden, das eine völlige Untersagung der Rebhuhnjagd im Landkreis Mayen-Koblenz ohne eine A ... Read more
Jun 2015 - 

June 2015 - Scotland - tax on land and building transactions

Land and Building Transactions Tax (LBTT) was introduced in Scotland in April 2015 to replace Stamp Duty Land Tax on purchases and leases and other transactions relating to land and buildings. The maximum rate chargeable on commercial property transactions is ... Read more
Jun 2015 - 

Switzerland - Swiss to Vote on Federal Inheritance Tax

June 2015 - Switzerland - Swiss to Vote on Federal Inheritance Tax - WSJ ... Read more
Jun 2015 - 

USA - Uber's Entire Business Model Challenged

A California Ruling Just Challenged Uber's Entire Business Model - Are Uber's drivers employees? This decision might "kill" Uber in the U.S. and in the UK. For more details see: Bloomberg Business ... Read more
Apr 2015 - 

Spain – European Energy Charter

June 2015 - Switzerland - inheritance tax  - Switzerland has decided NOT to introduce inheritance taxation Spain – European Energy Charter German company RWE AG has commenced proceeding against the Spanish State for breach of the European Energy Charter ... Read more

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